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Color Rush

Color Rush Korean Drama

Genres: DramaK dramaMysteryRomanceSchool

Status: completed Views: 22

Color Rush Korean Drama

Being colorblind, Yeon Woo lives in the world of various hues of gray. He’s aware that colors of other shades exist, but hasn’t been able to experience them. Woo’s world is forever altered due to meeting Yoo Han, whose numerous attraction he has discovered. In reality, he’s overwhelmed by the sudden surge of emotions as well as the unexpected flashes of color that wash over his life every time Han is near to him. In the midst of contemplating the future of his life, Woo joins his Aunt Yi Rang’s quest to locate her missing sister. By enlisting Han together, they work to find Woo’s missing mother and uncover an intriguing tale in the process. Can these fated souls unravel the mystery surrounding missing persons and those buried within their personal lives?

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Native Title: 컬러 러쉬
Also Known As: Colour Rush , Keolleoreoswi , Keolleo Reoswi , 컬러러쉬
Screenwriter & Director: Park Sun Jae
Genres: Mystery, Romance, School, Youth, Drama
Tags: LGBTQ+, Soulmates, Web Series, Missing Person, Color Blindness, Obsession, High School, Mental Health, Obsessive Male Lead, Adapted From A Web Novel

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