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Desert Monster chinese movie

Genres: ActionAdventurechinese movie

Status: completed Views: 11

Desert Monster chinese movie

In the early years of the Republic, the Institute of Biology of the Northwest Science Society receives a mysterious letter and learns that a mutant creature is infesting the sand sea. An exploration team is then sent to the biological laboratory, but it was almost completely destroyed. Liu Mengxi (played by Xiao Bo) and Xia Xuan (played by Yu Xinyan) escape as survivors with their samples, but they encountered a trap in Shaqiu Town, which destroys the samples. They are eventually saved by Liu Ying (played by Jin Yana), the archer of Shaqiu Town. The two of them find that almost only the old and sick are left in Shaqiu Town, while outside the town, the monster seems to have heard something and is quietly approaching them…


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