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Watch Fox tomb shadow Drama Online Free

Fox tomb shadow chinese movie

Genres: Actionchinese movie

Status: completed Views: 10

Fox tomb shadow chinese movie

The tomb robber heir Sheng who has a hereditary disease, two years after his father mysteriously left home, accidentally found the family’s hidden gold pieces. According to the above clues, he arrives in Jincheng where met new friends Bai Chuncheng and Bai Liu. The three embarked on a journey together to find the legendary treasure of the White Fox Emperor. During this time, they encountered another tribe of robbers who are eyeing the same tomb, causing a lot of troubles to Sheng and his company. They come together to decipher the many traps set, and put up a battle of wits and bravery. After a duel, they decide to work together to combined forces to defeat the evil forces.

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