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Semantic Error anime

Genres: RomanceSchool

Status: completed Views: 14

Semantic Error anime

The computer science professor Chu Sang Woo is the embodiment of an uncompromising and strict rule-abiding individual. When working in a liberal arts group project with people who don’t exert any efforts, Sang Woo reasonably decides to exclude all names of the group from their final presentations. He didn’t realize how involved he’d become with the student whose study-abroad plans were destroyed due to that project. The person involved is the college star everyone knowsis department of design’s Jang Jae Young. He has everything , from talent and looks to family history and good connections, but there is one major issue Chu Sang Woo. What happens when engineers and an artist whose personality are similar to water and oil must work together? Jang Jae Young is like a semantic glitch inside the world perfected by Chu Sang Woo. Is Sang Woo be able to solve this?

Native Title: 시맨틱 에러
Also Known As: Simaentig Eleo
Genres: Romance, School
Tags: Adapted From A Web Novel, LGBTQ+, Web Series, Student, Gay Character, Gay Romance, Polar Opposites, College Student, Campus Romance, Artist
Semantic Error anime

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