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The Promised Neverland

Yakusoku no Neverland

yakusoku no neverland manga Surrounded by a forest and a gated entry, the Grace Field House is inhabited by orphans thankfully living together as one huge family, cared for with their"Mama," Isabella. Though they have to take tests every day,...

Youjo Senki

Youjo Senki anime Tanya Degurechaff is a youthful soldier notorious for predatorial-like ruthlessness and an uncanny, strategic capacity, making her the nickname of the"Devil of the Rhine." Under her benign look, nevertheless, lies the spirit of a man who contested...

Yurikuma Arashi

Yurikuma Arashi

Yurikuma Arashi anime In earlier times humanoid bears coexisted with people. But a meteor shower which dropped onto Earth had a peculiar impact on bears across the planet: they became violent and hungry for human flesh, spurring an infinite cycle...

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