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Star Struck korean drama

Star Struck

Star Struck korean drama When love is kept for a long time...will that feeling blossom? Seo Han Joon has been in love with his childhood friend, Jo Yoo Jae, for a long time. He knew his feelings wouldn’t be reciprocated,...

Past-Senger thai drama


Past-Senger thai drama Nineties teen Kiao is a good-looking guy and a nuisance who likes to mess with people. His dream is to study architecture, but something unexpected happens and Kiao finds himself twenty-five years in the future. Bamee, a...

Our Skyy thai drama

Our Skyy

Our Skyy thai drama A five-episode anthology that serves as a continuation of the stories of Pick and Rome (Secret Love: Puppy Honey), In and Sun (My Dear Loser), Tee and Mork ('Cause You're My Boy), Kao and Pete (Kiss...

Hollywood, je t'aime

Hollywood, je t’aime

Hollywood, je t'aime A gay Parisian shows up in Hollywood for his close up. Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Lgbtq+ Original Language: English Director: Jason Bushman Producer: Charles Herman-Wurmfeld Writer: Jason Bushman Release Date (Streaming): Dec 8, 2009 Runtime: 1h 35m

Back From the Brink chinese drama

Back From the Brink

Back From the Brink chinese drama After a lover's betrayal, the ancient dragon Tian Yao found himself badly wounded and heartbroken. The woman he loved betrayed him by dismembering him and stripping him of his dragon scales and then sealing...

Royal Rumours chinese drama

Royal Rumours

Royal Rumours chinese drama Ji Yuan Chao is the ice-cold Crown Prince of a powerful kingdom whose safety and prosperity owes much to the loyalty of the Hua clan. The Hua clan stuck by the kingdom's monarchs through thick and...

Here We Meet Again chinese drama

Here We Meet Again

Here We Meet Again chinese drama Xiang Yuan, the eldest miss of Donghe group, is tasked with saving their Xi'an branch from bankruptcy. At this time, she meets her former crush Xu Yan Shi once again. In their school days,...

I Am the Years You Are the Stars chinese drama

I Am the Years You Are the Stars

I Am the Years You Are the Stars chinese drama Jin Xiao Yu, a young girl suffering from a strange disease. The fate of her and Jiang Bai Ju, a mysterious designer, was changed by a bizarre car accident. One...

The Crush Season 2 chinese drama

The Crush Season 2

The Crush Season 2 chinese drama 35 years old, divorced and single, Yi Xing Yan met Zhou Si Xing, a young career junior and her former student in the company. The age gap, the pressure of reality, and the company's...

Love Is Science Taiwan drama

Love Is Science

Love Is Science Taiwan drama Yan Fei is the CEO of the Love Science Marriage Agency. She uses Big Data to help countless singles find a well-suited life partner. Fei reunites with a friend whom she has always seen like...

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