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Love Stage!! anime

Love Stage!!

Love Stage!! anime Having a celebrity mother, manufacturer , along with rockstar brother, anybody would anticipate Izumi Sena to finally enter showbiz himself. But besides a commercial to get a wedding gown if he was a young child, Izumi hasn't...

Hitorijime My Hero anime

Hitorijime My Hero

Hitorijime My Hero anime Masahiro Setagawa is a despairing teenager who's frequently employed by the local bullies as an errand boy. Defenseless, Masahiro understands that no one could ever save him. But, his life radically changes when he meets Kousuke...

Doukyuusei Movie

Doukyuusei Movie

Doukyuusei Movie Hikaru Kusakabe is a standard, carefree boy at a rock group who's constantly centered on the present. Throughout summer time, his whole course is made to take part in a coming chorus festival. By coincidence, he finds his...

Mo Dao Zu Shi anime

Mo Dao Zu Shi

Mo Dao Zu Shi anime In the long run, he had been backstabbed by his loved ones shidi and murdered by powerful clans that united to overpower him. He incarnates to the body of a cop who had been left...

Given anime


Given anime Tightly clutching his Gibson guitar, Mafuyu Satou measures from his dark flat to start a second day of his high school existence. While taking a rest in a quiet place on the gymnasium stairs, he has a chance...

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