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Peninsula korean movie Peninsula is set four years following the zombie outbreak that occurred in Train to Busan. In the Korean peninsula has been devastated. Jung Seok, a former soldier who managed to escape from overseas was given a chance to

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Space Sweepers

Space Sweepers korean movie It's 2092 and space is filled with floating satellites and abandoned spaceships. A crew from the scrap collection spaceship, The Victory, travels across space in search of saleable trash. There is a lot of rivalry from similar junk

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Serendipity chinese drama A little over a decade ago, fate brought Mu XiaoRu with Yan Sui. Although their encounter was short and brief, they both given memories to remain in their hearts for all their lives. Xiao Ru was left with

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Me Always You

Me Always You Thailand drama A beautiful, young and jolly woman called Ploypailin comes from a prestigious publishing family, has fond memories of her childhood pal and initial love Kevin. However, when the family business of Ploypailin goes under and becomes

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The Making of an Ordinary Woman 2

The Making of an Ordinary Woman 2 Taiwan drama Chia Ling is now ready for life after turning 40! A steady relationship, a new career with love and support from her family, and finally having her own home What's not to

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Bite Me

Bite Me Thai drama Chef Aue Chef Aue, who finishes second to The Chef Master, fails to prevail against the winner. When he is trying to discover what's lacking, he loses concentration on cooking. He didn't think that the missing piece would

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