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Memories movie Memories is a compilation of three standalone short movies encompassing genres.In the far reaches of space, after tracing a distress signal to a large deserted space station, a set of engineers--Heintz Beckner and Miguel Costrela--find a derelict mansion

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Kimagure Orange Road Summers Beginning

Kimagure Orange Road Summers Beginning movie It has been a long time and Kyosuke Kasuga has become 19. A mysterious phone call warns him of oncoming automobiles but he does not listen. Ironicallyhe gets struck by a vehicle and due

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Kimagure Orange☆Road

Kimagure Orange☆Road movie Fifteen-year-old Kyousuke Kasuga moves into a brand new town and becomes mesmerized by one Madoka Ayukawa, who regularly treats him even though she appeared friendly the first time that they met, when he grabbed her red straw

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Metropolis movie In the excellent town of Metropolis, acute community structures and bias dominate a planet where robots and humans live together. Unrest and violence growth with every new moment. From the scientist's lab, Kenichi finds a woman with no

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Soukyuu no Fafner Dead

Soukyuu no Fafner Dead movie Tatsumiyajima is the island in the midst of a little cluster of islands, in a sleepy backwater of the Western isles. Not much happens there, along with also the island's young men and women go

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Black Jack the Movie

Black Jack the Movie Joe Carol Brane tries to engage Dr. Black Jack on a strain of superhumans which possess the power, intellectual, athletic, and artistic abilities with excellent glow in various areas, only to later find out that they

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