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Run For Young

Run For Young chinese drama A story about the youth of this millennium follows a group of students who encounter ups and downs in the marathon of life. Ma Tian who comes from a well-off family and his goody-two-shoes neighbor

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The Chang’an Youth

The Chang'an Youth Chinese drama Shen Yi Yi lives in the city and has excellent cooking skills. When she was young, she was friends with Shen Die Yi. Die Yi abruptly dies of a cough and her life remains a

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Be With You

Be With You chinese drama A young cartoonist intentionally gets near Ji Yan Xin, a cold and arrogant professor. Qi Nian, a girl with a straightforward personality hopes that interacting with Ji Yan Xin would give her inspiration and creative

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Sweet First Love

Sweet First Love Chinese drama When she was only seven, Zhuo Yifeng witnessed both of her parents die in a car accident. The extreme trauma causes her to suffer from selective amnesia as she completely blocks out her past experience. Zhuo

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You Complete Me

You Complete Me Chinese drama Gao Shan is a highly skilled investment and fund specialist who plans to get revenge against the people who have caused the death of his father. The first step of his plan is to get

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Mr. Mercedes Season 3

Mr. Mercedes Season 3 This is Mr. Mercedes Season 3. Genre: Drama Network: AUD Premiere Date: Sep 10, 2019

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