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The Legend of Enveloped Demons

The Legend of Enveloped Demons Chinese movie A long time ago, demons have appeared on Earth by using a material known as Dragon Stone, which contains tremendous amounts of power. However, this also allowed the humans to forge weapons using

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Club Friday 14 Love & Belief

Club Friday 14 Love & Belief thai drama Drama: Club Friday 14: Love & Belief Country: Thailand Episodes: 20 Aired: Aug 19, 2022 - ? Aired On: Friday Original Network: GMM One Duration: 55 min. Content Rating: G - All

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Innocent Lies

Innocent Lies thai drama Gun is Parin's best friend who owned a luxury hotel. They become business partners after Gun offers to sell some of his hotel's shares to Parin. Gun is also married, however, his marriage is rocky and

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Happy Ending Romance

Happy Ending Romance korean drama Cha Jung Woo might have had a bright future as a writer, had he not chosen to speak up against the corruption he witnessed among his seniors. Unfortunately, being unable to remain silent when faced

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Love Catcher in Bali

Love Catcher in Bali korean drama Kicking off with season 4, “Love Catcher” will take place in Bali, a fascinating island, to catch the love and money catchers as they play a love psychological game to find true love amidst

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Summer Wind

Summer Wind chinese drama A heart transplant bonds the life of talented musician Xia Yuan Xing from Chongqing with Luo Jia Heng, a wealthy son from Singapore. When Luo Jia Heng obtained Xia Yuna Xing's heart, it retained its love

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