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Suddenly Twenty Thai movie

Suddenly Twenty

Suddenly Twenty Thai movie Parn is a stubborn old woman in her 70's whose only pleasure in life is to brag about her son who she single-handedly raised to be a professor. One day, she learns that her son is...

Suckseed Thai movie


Suckseed Thai movie Ped is a geeky boy who is secretly in love with his classmate Earn since he was a young boy. When Ern moves away, Ped is crushed. Later in high school, Ped finds out that Earn has...

Swing Kids Korean Movie

Swing Kids

Swing Kids Korean Movie Set during the Korean War, North Korean and Chinese prisoners of war are sent to a camp on Geoje Island in South Korea. The POW camp itself is under intense strife between prisoners who are pro-communists...

I Wanna Hear Your Song Korean drama

I Wanna Hear Your Song

I Wanna Hear Your Song Korean drama A murder takes place. Hong Yi Young, who is a timpanist, does not remember what happened on the day of the murder. She is simple-minded and suffers from insomnia. Hong Yi Young looks...



Rebelde Students from different socioeconomic backgrounds cross paths with each other at an elite private school. Genres: Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance, Soap Network: Netflix Premiere Date: Jan 5, 2022

So I Married an Anti-Fan korean drama

So I Married an Anti-Fan

So I Married an Anti-Fan korean drama Hoo Joon, a renowned model Hoo Joon is a top star Geun Young, a journalist for a magazine. both go to a club's opening night. In the club, Young witnesses Joon's violent behavior ,...

Visual Prison anime

Visual Prison

Visual Prison anime Ange Yuki is a boy who battles with a deep loneliness and struggles to make friends. With no family members to call He leaves his hometown. In search of an artist that he admires and perform, he travels to...



Sing Dapper Koala Buster Moon presides over a once-grand theater that has fallen on hard times. An eternal optimist, and a bit of a scoundrel, he loves his theater above all and will do anything to preserve it. Facing the...

Dream High 2 Korean Drama

Dream High 2

Dream High 2 Korean Drama In the second season, the high school goes into financial bankruptcy and is taken over by Oz Entertainment. The company transfers its young idols-in-training to satisfy a new law that requires underage entertainers to receive...

Page Turner Korean Drama

Page Turner

Page Turner Korean Drama Yoo Seul is a student at an art high school. She is a talented pianist prodigy, who has won numerous contests, but she only plays because of her mother since Yoo Seul's mother wanted to become...

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