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Gurren Lagann The Movie The Lights in the Sky are Stars

Gurren Lagann The Movie: The Lights in the Sky are Stars

Gurren Lagann The Movie: The Lights in the Sky are Stars Humans have enjoyed their lavish, peaceful, and prosperous lives for seven years since the day the almighty Spiral King was defeated—the day they reclaimed their homeland, Earth. However, the...

Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu anime

Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu

Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu anime The first human astronaut in history was an ethereal girl. After the conclusion in World War II, the superpowers with the most powerful divisions in the world, Federal Republic of Zirnitra in the East...

Cowboy Bebop Tengoku no Tobir movie

Cowboy Bebop Tengoku no Tobira Movie

Cowboy Bebop Tengoku no Tobira movie Another day, another bounty—such is the life of the often unlucky crew of the Bebop. However, this routine is interrupted when Faye, who is chasing a fairly worthless target on Mars, witnesses an oil...

Kanata No Astra anime

Kanata No Astra

Kanata No Astra anime Since the merry Aries Spring arrives in the spaceport to attend a camp around the remote world McPa, her handbag is captured by a reckless burglar. Fortunately, the athletic Kanata Hoshijima can recover it to her,...

elDLIVE anime


elDLIVE anime Chuuta Kokonose, an orphan living with his aunt, is Chuuta. He has had a voice since he was a child. But he is a normal boy until a strange-looking creature follows him home and teleports to a world...

Castlevania S3

Castlevania Season 3

Castlevania Season 3 anime Inspired by the popular video game collection, this anime show is a dark medieval dream. It shows us the final surviving member of this disgraced Belmont clan, Trevor Belmont, attempting to save Eastern Europe from extinction...

Castlevania 2

Castlevania Season 2

Castlevania Season 2 anime Lisa Tepes, is the wife of Vlad Tepes AKA Dracula is acused of witchcraft and burnt at the stake with an abysmal bishop, Dracula decided war on the people of Wallachia and unleashes an army of...


Castlevania Season 1

Castlevania Season 1 anime When Vampire wife has been burnt at the stake after being falsely accused of witchcraft, the vampire Count Dracula declares each of the people of Wallachia will pay with their own lives. He also summons an...

Lost in Space Season 2

Lost in Space Season 2

Lost in Space Season 2 This is all about Lost in Space Season 2. Genre: Sci fi Network: Netflix Premiere Date: Dec 24, 2019 Executive producers: Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless, Zack Estrin, Kevin Burns, Jon Jashni

Lost in Space Season 1

Lost in Space Season 1

Lost in Space Season 1 Due to unforeseeable circumstances, the Robinsons, a family of space colonists, crash-land on an unknown planet. Now, they must fight for survival and escape, despite the dangers surrounding them. First episode date: 13 April 2018...

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