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Armed Blue Gunvolt ova

Armed Blue Gunvolt

Armed Blue Gunvolt ova There will soon be people with special power known as Sevens. Although it seems that the country has been peacefully maintained by Sumeragi Group (a company called Sumeragi Group), they were the ones who took the people...

Endride anime


Endride anime Shun Asanaga, a 15 year-old junior high student, has a bright and optimistic personality. He discovers a mysterious crystal in his father's office. He is a scientist and a businessman. Shun touches the crystal and the world is distorted. He...

Beyblade Burst Dynamite Battle anime

Beyblade Burst Dynamite Battle

Beyblade Burst Dynamite Battle anime "There's a strong man, challenge Daikokuten Bell!" Rumours abound about the Bey Cemetery, also known as "The Gate of Makai". Daikokuten Bell is the owner. He is The true "Demon King", proud to be undefeated at The...

Bananya anime


Bananya anime A bunch of yellow, ripe bananas hangs quietly above a plain kitchen counter. One of the long, thin fruits suddenly begins to shake. It starts slowly but steadily increases in intensity until it tears away the rest. The long, curvy...

Bamboo Blade anime

Bamboo Blade

Bamboo Blade anime Kojirou, the kendo instructor at Muroe High School, is completely broke. Then, he gets an unexpected opportunity: his team must beat his senpai's and win. The prize? Free meals for a year! The only problem is finding enough girls...

Nezha Zhi Mo Tong Jiang Shi movie

Nezha Zhi Mo Tong Jiang Shi

Nezha Zhi Mo Tong Jiang Shi movie Two elements are taken from the Chaos Pearl, a heavenly object that is also known as the Chaos Pearl: the Spirit Pearl (or the Demon Orb). The Lord of Heaven sends the Spirit Pearl...

Xiao Men Shen movie

Xiao Men Shen

Xiao Men Shen Movie The Chinese Spirit World is in crisis. People don't believe anymore in gods. Faced with unemployment, a Door God ventures into the human realm to prove his worth. This leads to unexpected encounters, transformations, and even death...

Aishen Qiaokeli-ing anime

Aishen Qiaokeli-ing

Aishen Qiaokeli-ing anime Jiang Hao Yi is a normal high school student, but he's very afraid of getting in trouble. He suddenly becomes the Harem King at school and is confessed by a group of beautiful girls. Jiang Hao doesn't even...

Mo Dao Zu Shi anime

Mo Dao Zu Shi

Mo Dao Zu Shi anime In the long run, he had been backstabbed by his loved ones shidi and murdered by powerful clans that united to overpower him. He incarnates to the body of a cop who had been left...

Guomin Laogong Dai Huijia anime

Guomin Laogong Dai Huijia

Guomin Laogong Dai Huijia anime Lu Jin Nian and Qiao An Hao are a newly married couple--unfortunately, neither of them are willing participants. Qiao Ann Hao, now husband and wife, has a few ground rules. No one can find out that...

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