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The Punisher Season 1

The Punisher Season 1

The Punisher Season 1 After exacting revenge on the people responsible for the deaths of his wife and children, Frank Castle uncovers a conspiracy that runs deeper than New York's criminal underworld. Now known as the Punisher, he must dig...

Defenders season 1

Defenders season 1

Defenders season 1 Four superheroes and vigilantes unite their powers in order to fight the Hand, a supervillain who threatens to destroy New York City. First episode date: 18 August 2017 Related shows: Marvel Cinematic Universe television series Based on:...

Marvel legends

Marvel legends

Marvel legends An insight into various Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes and villains in an attempt to provide a refresher. First episode date: 8 January 2021 Related shows: Marvel Studios: Assembled Based on: Marvel Comics

He-Man & Masters Of The Universe

He-Man & Masters Of The Universe

He-Man & Masters Of The Universe When he holds up the magical Sword of Power and utters the words "By the power of Grayskull," Prince Adam transforms into Eternia's greatest champion, He-Man, who uses his powers to defend the realm...

The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf Movie

The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf

The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf  Movie Vesemir, a cocky young witcher, delights in slaying monsters for coin. When a dangerous new power rises on the Continent, Vesemir learns that some witchering jobs are about more than just money. Initial...

mekakucity actor anime

Mekakucity actor

mekakucity actor anime On the scorching summer day of August 14th, Shintarou Kisaragi has to go out of his bedroom at first in the past two years. In the midst of a heated debate with cyber-girl Ene who is living in...

11Eyes anime


11Eyes anime Satsuki Kakeru is unsure what to do when the Sky turns red and the Moon turns black, and the streets are filled with monsters. Yuka, his best friend, and Satsuki Kakeru try to figure out why they were sent...

Sekirei Season 2 anime

Sekirei Season 2

Sekirei Season 2 anime The Sekirei Plan, the second stage of the battle royale, is in progress. Shintou Teito is now closed; Ashikabi and Sekirei cannot leave. Minato Sahashi's harem must prepare for new battles, as rules change. Some Sekirei will not return...

Sekirei Season 1 anime

Sekirei Season 1

Sekirei Season 1 anime Minato Sahashi, a brilliant but struggling teenager, has failed his college entrance exam for the second time. This results in him being considered worthless by all those around him. His seemingly grim future is changed dramatically when...

Elemental Gelade anime

Elemental Gelade

Elemental Gelade anime After performing a routine raid Coud discovers a very unusual cargo in his mates' cargo holds: Ren, an Edel Reid, a race that grants special combat power to its partners by "Reacting", which is a prized trait. However,...

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