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Flower of Evil Korean Drama

Genres: crimeRomanceThriller

Status: completed Views: 632

Flower of Evil Korean Drama

While Baek Hee Sung is hiding the truth about his real persona, the man has built an idyllic family life as well as an impressive career. He is an adoring husband and devoted father to his adorable daughter. His perfect image starts to fall apart when his wife Cha Ji Won, a investigator of homicides, starts investigating the serial murders that occurred fifteen years earlier. Ji Won notices changes in Hee Sung’s behavior , and starts to wonder if Hee Sung might be concealing things from her.

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Native Title: 악의 꽃
Also Known As: Agui Kkot , Akui Kkot , Akeui Kkot , The Flower of Evil
Director: Kim Chul Gyu, Yoon Jong Ho
Screenwriter: Yoo Jung Hee
Genres: Thriller, Romance, Crime, Melodrama
Tags: Married Couple, Deception, Suspense, Family Secret, Hidden Personality, Smart Female Lead, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Detective, Serial Killer, Investigatio

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