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The Invincible Constable

Genres: ActionAdventurechinese movie

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The Invincible Constable chinese movie

As the brocade mouse Bai Yutang is not happy with the title given to the imperial cat, they formed an alliance with the five mice to rob the fire god statue during the Eastern Capital fire festival. However, when the two of them are fighting for the statue of the Fire God, the statue of the Fire God actually “opens its eyes” and a strange liquid oozed out. This caused a fired that can’t be put out by water to happen, killing hundreds of innocents. The people are saying that the Fire God has been provoked by the five mice and they are not wanted in the Kaifeng government. However, they found out that there is a fire red skull that burns when it comes into contact with water. The brocade mouse and Zhan Zhao found out that those who have died in the fire are linked to an explosion during a fireworks show twenty years ago. The survivors of that explosion are looking to ruin the Eastern Capital. Bai Yutang and Zhao Zhan set out to chase the perpetrators and keep the peace in the capital.

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