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The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale

The Odd Family Zombie On Sale Korean Movie

Genres: Korean Movies

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The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale Korean Movie

Man Deok owns a gas station in a quiet village. Three of his adult children are Joon Geol and Min Geol. Man Deok is only interested in spending the rest his life in Hawaii. Nam Joo is the oldest child. Joon Geol is married to Nam Joo. Although he loves his family, he isn’t able to express his emotions to them. Min Geol is the middle of the family. He is the only one in his family to have graduated from university. He is fired by his company and returns to his hometown. Hae Geol is Hae’s youngest child. A strange man suddenly appears in the village. Man Deok’s family is shaken and the village is shaken by him.


  • Native Title: 기묘한 가족
  • Also Known As: Gimyohan Gajok , The Odd Family , Strange Family , Zombie for Sale
  • Screenwriter & Director: Lee Min Jae
  • Genres: Horror, Comedy, Romance, Zombies, Family, Supernatural
  • Tags: Interspecies Romance, Epidemic, Wealth Obsession, Slight Romance, Eccentric Female Lead, Married Couple, Brothers, Sibling, Strong Female Lead, Pregnancy

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